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What I Do (er, Did ... this is from 2015)

“Liz is one of those rare people whose goodness is bred in the bone—whose focus and dedication are palpable, and a writer who is consistently able to bring out her best work.”


product naming



print ads




magazine articles

newspaper articles

white papers

“I received the catalog, read it cover to cover, and thought I would let you know that I loved it! Funny, smart, informative. Gotta give it up to those involved in the design, layout, and copy. Really good stuff.”



“May I just say ‘thank you’ for an article that was a real joy to read—fun, compelling, writerly—and easy to edit. I’d almost forgotten there were real writers out there…”​

Brand Strategy

company brand books

brand voice


mission statements




technical manuals


“Our website had not done anything in 9 years. We started working with Liz and she generated more in 6 months than we did the previous 9 years. She understands how Google works and is well read on the latest web developments. I highly recommend her talents.”



“Thanks for the diligent work on the 25th Anniversary book. You caught a lot of things that our too-tired eyes just stopped seeing a long time ago. I especially appreciate the extra mile you went on things like the John Muir quote—that was a great catch.”



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