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What people say about my work 


“I received the Aquafix catalog, read it cover to cover, and thought I would let you know that I loved it! Funny, smart, informative. Gotta give it up to those involved in the design, layout, and copy. Really good stuff.” 


“We are prepping for our 2014 catalog and everyone raved about your writing in our last catalog…” – Kevin Ripp, Aquafix 


“Liz, the article is phenomenal. You are such a talented writer! I must have read it 50 times, and every time I marvel at your prose. I lived it (I know the ending), but I can’t help but be taken in by the way you tell the story. Such a well­-written piece.” – Kevin Shahinian, Pacific Pictures Videography Studio


"Another great job on the copy! I hope we can call on you again when we're in a pinch. Thanks for all your fine writing." – Stan Tymorek, PC Nametag 


"We're excited to have you on our team! It's not often we hand out cover stories to folks we've never worked with before, but our hunch that you were the best fit for our Best Places to Work project was a good one." – Brennan Nardi, Editor, Madison Magazine


“Just wanted to comment on the great article you wrote for Streaming Media magazine! We all thought you did an excellent job.” – Kimberlee Leuders, Ignite Technologies, Inc., Marketing Communications VP


“Liz is one of those rare people whose goodness is bred in the bone – whose focus and dedication are palpable, and a writer who is consistently able to bring out her best work.” – Coleen Kearon, college creative writing instructor and freelance writer


“I dig your writing! I really like your overall grasp of what I do. You actually do get it. And that’s a great feeling for me.” – Kirsten Stoffa, Stoffa Productions


“Liz, Just finished reading the article. It’s awesome! You did such a wonderful job. We’re so grateful. In the words of Russell Hammond to Rolling Stone reporter William Miller in Almost Famous, thanks for making us ‘look cool.’“ –­ Loyd & Hazel Calomay, Red 5 Studios


“You are one of the best writers I’ve worked with.” – Jon Loomis, Wisconsin­based author of “High Season,” “Vanitas Motel,” and “The Pleasure Principle,” and college creative writing instructor


“May I just say ‘thank you’ for an article that was a real joy to read—fun, compelling, writerly—and easy to edit. I’d almost forgotten there were real writers out there...” – Eric Schumacher­Rasmussen, Editor, Streaming Media Magazine


“Thanks for the diligent work on the 25th Anniversary book. You caught a lot of things that our too­-tired eyes just stopped seeing a long time ago. I especially appreciate the extra mile you went on things like the John Muir quote—that was a great catch.” – D.P. Knudten, Creative Director/UX, Discover Mediaworks


“Great job on the copyediting of the Elements book. I’m impressed.” – ­Nancy Peterson, Peachpit Press


“Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL article about myself and my company. I was just forwarded it today from a WedFACTER that came across it and I was so nervous to read it and so pleased when I did. I have to be honest, until your article, I’ve NEVER liked the way I or my company has come across in interviews or little blips. I feel like the previous interviewers have always left my personality and the real 'meat' of the article out and just made it glossy and surface. You totally made this such an interesting (and hopefully inspiring) piece to read. Thank you again so much for taking the time to really get my vibe!” – Kristin*, Bliss* Video Productions


“Thanks for being such a powerful writer and giving me the motivation to take my company and my skill to another level. I truly believe that your articles and books from Robert Kiyosaki influenced me and pushed me to become better at my art and motivated me to understand business and financial literacy. Your articles made me see and recognize a dream that was deep inside.”

– Samuel Montgomery, Eduography, LLC


“You did a super job making the copy read as though it was a seamless extension of our company. Your writing style stayed very true to our business, which isn’t an easy task!” – Krissy Bystrom Emery, Marketing Advisor, M3 Insurance Solutions for Business


“Liz, This article turned out really great! It’s very interesting with tons of useful information written in a captivating manner. It even provided me with reinforcement of concepts I already knew. Motivated me too. I’m ready now to start working on our next demo! Again, fabulous article, Liz.”­ – Laura Moses, Vantage Point


"Our website had not done anything in 9 years. We started working with Liz and she generated more in 6 months than we did the previous 9 years. She understands how Google works and is well read on the latest web developments. I highly recommend her talents." – Kevin Ripp, Owner, Aquafix


“When it comes to ruthless nips and tucks Liz reins supreme. Anyone’s copy is in good hands when she’s manning the controls.” – Matthew Nestel, NY Post reporter


“Liz, you guys did a fantastic job in arranging my copy in a quality article. Great editing and writing skills. You make me sound like a pro! Thanks a million!” – Gerald G. Tyler, Streaming Media Magazine contributor 


“Elizabeth is already upping the ante for clarity, precision, and style at EventDV magazine" – Stephen Nathans-­Kelly, Editor-­in-­chief, EventDV Magazine & EMedia live


“Liz, the copy editing on this issue (and everything you’ve read since you’ve been here) is the best we’ve seen in a long time.” – Eric Schumacher­Rasmussen, Editor, Streaming Media Magazine


“Liz has the ability to polish even the roughest stones into gems. She is comfortable with content of all types – from professionally written prose, to technical jargon, to marketing copy. She will work hard to make you (and your business) look good.” – Michelle Manafy, Editor-­in-­chief, EContent & Intranets 


“We are very happy with the PSA writing projects you guys have been doing. Liz in particular writes amazing copy and gives us a lot of choices. We love her.” – Teri Arnold, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


“Hey Liz! These (holiday billboard and print ads) are sooo fabulous! We really had a hard time narrowing them down – how exciting! Again, fantastic job – thanks for your help!!” – Karen Hansen, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


“This (PSA ) is so good, we REALLY love it! Thanks so much Liz, this rocks.”

– Marci Hansen, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


“I just wanted to send you a quick note and say that I am so pleased with the work you did a couple years back on my website. I have really started to see the results and rewards of your work over the past year.” ­– Trent Estabrook,


“Oh, that is beautiful! That was fast! The first page is in sight and I’m above Eco­painting and Badger already. Nice work.”­ – Eric Welch,


Liz, thanks so much for the tremendous job you’ve done on my SEO project! You’ve been very attentive to my questions and goals through out the process, and the result are great!” – Jim Stroede


“More people are finding me now through my website than the ads on the Isthmus. That was not happening last year. You Are a Genius, Thank you.” ­ Tim Quigley,


WOW! LogicTraX rankings jumped up fast!! page 1 and 2 for Railcar Tracing and Railcar Tracking on Google... nice work!” – Nathan Hess, Creative Director, FinishLine Studios


“Liz’s abilities with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are astounding! I have known Liz for quite a number of years, and she has yet ceased to amaze me! The thought, quality, and professionalism she dedicates to her profession is stellar! Not only do I value her thoughts and opinions, but I also gain respect for clients who see her value and choose to work with her!” – Gjeret Stein, Owner and Systems Engineer, Sensible Gurus


“Thanks Liz, each day you educate me more. We knew you were the right person to work with.” – ­Charles Sutphen, One Lucky Dog Bakery


“Getting some great traction on the SURevolution product. Between their recent Elle magazine press and your fabulous SEO, know I am on to some great SURevolution jewelry sales are getting stronger!” ­– Chioma Amegashe, Founder & CEO, MOSAIC


"Thanks for taking the risk. You're a great writer." – Kevin Ripp, Naturalake

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