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App accessibility for blind users

For most of us, smartphones make life more convenient and fun. We route trips, game, buy things and share ideas on the go. But for blind users, smartphones can be survival tools. An app or web page that’s not accessible is more than an annoyance — it disconnects and disorients.

Kevin Jones is one such user. Blind since birth and a lifelong Madison-area resident, Jones is a technology evangelist and an emerging force in the local web and app development community. He’s on a mission to help developers understand how to make their content accessible to the blind.

If you’re having trouble imagining how a blind user navigates a smartphone, head to your phone’s accessibility settings, turn on the screen reader (VoiceOver on Apple iOS, TalkBack on Google’s Android platform), shut your eyes and try catching up on today’s news or tweeting.

Madison tech evangelist Kevin Jones

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